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How to Build A Waterbed Frame

marks waterbedYou can search high and low on the Internet for directions on how to build a waterbed frame. You will find very little.

I found one place with a generic "how-to" and their dimensions were all wrong, they said they used 2 X 4 lumber where 2 X 10 would have been the correct dimension and they did not include enough information to do more than make a mess.

This website is about wood frame (hardside) waterbeds. A large part of the site will be how to build a waterbed frame from scratch for less than $99.00.

Legal Stuff: Since this is a free website providing pictures and plans, you need to understand that this is how I built my waterbed frame -- no more, no less.

The picture at right was submitted by Mark in 2013 after he built his king waterbed.
build a waterbed frame for less than $99There are ten ways to skin a cat (apologies to PETA) and since I have no way of being there with you and cannot control what you are doing, I simply cannot be held responsible for the results of your waterbed frame project.

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