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The basic sketch to the right shows the main wood parts of the bed. Various fasteners and finish are also required.

Understand that Wood Frame Waterbeds use California Sizes.

Wood Frame waterbeds (California sizes) are longer between the head and foot than standard sizes because this allows more headroom as you sleep with your body entirely INSIDE the wood frame. With innerspring (standard size) beds you're on top.

A standard king or queen bed is short enough to be a problem for any six footer. You do not want to hang over the edge of a wood frame bed because the wood is hard if you bump it.

The bed I built is a SuperSingle which is bigger than a conventional twin/single, as shown in the waterbed mattress size chart below.

Waterbed Mattress Size Must Correspond to Inside Diameter of Frame

WB Cal.King
  WB Cal.Queen
WB SuperSingle
72" X 84" 
60" X 84"
48" X 84"


Feel free to substitute or modify the plans / directions as you see fit.

Materials Required:

  1. Eight  2" X 10 " X 10-foot boards 1
  2. One  4' X 8' X 7/16" OSB Sheathing 2
  3. 16 large L brackets - Size 3" X 3/4"
  4. 4 small L brackets - Size 2 1/2" X 63mm
  5. 40 1-1/4" wood screws    I used #8


    Screws that come with brackets are inadequate in length.

  6. Wood Finish of your choice


    Use the finish of your choice. I prefer a danish type oil with stain built in.

  7. Cloth-based Tape to cover brackets
  8. Brackets with Tape

    Cover brackets with tape to prevent damage to liner or mattress

Tools Required:

  1. Screwdriver (preferably powered)
  2. Circular saw or Radial Arm saw to crosscut boards 3
  3. Router with 1/2 rabbet bit or Table saw to make rabbets

    Rabbet Bit Close-Up

    Close up view

  4. Sander(s) with paper to finish to your taste
  5. Paint brush(es) and/or finishing rags
  6. Measuring Tape
  7. Carpenter's Square
  8. Pencil
  9. Wood Chisel
  10. Hammer for chisel
  11. Hand Saw or Jig Saw

1 Add an additional 2" X 10 " X 10-foot board if you want a headboard

2 Two sheets OSB required for queen and king sizes - 1/2" or 5/8" thick sheathing is better

3 You could use a hand saw, but it will be an awful lot of sawing.

4 The brackets I used are from Stanley. You can substitute with different size and style as available.


      These are the brackets I used

5 If you desire a hardwood frame you may sandwich two pieces of 3/4 hardwood plywood together with glue. Be sure to clamp them together until after the glue has set and dried.

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