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I used 7/16" decking because that was what was readily available. 1/2" or thicker would be better, but if you support it properly it probably won't be a problem. Remember - this is WHAT I DID.

I used Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which is not the same as plywood. OSB has a much higher resin content and more layers. It is also stronger than plywood and more water resistant.

For my supersingle bed, one sheet was all I needed for the decking and I only had to trim about a foot off one end.

I had previously set the OSB board on the floor of my garage and propped up the frame topboard, footboard, and sides. I used scrap cuttings to prop the sides up because the rabbets tended to tilt the sides out.

Trim Excess Decking End

I marked the end of the OSB where I needed to cut it. The sides are exactly 84" long, perfect for determining where to cut, although the math proves that, too.

The OSB Decking comes 96" long and the side boards are cut to 84" long, which means I had to cut off 12 inches.

To the left you can see that I marked with pencil where I wanted to cut the extra material off.

Queen and King Differences

The image to the right shows an example of a factory-made queen size deck. It comes with 3 boards, as does the king. Factory-made supersingles usually come with 2 boards. I suspect this is because it's easier to package and ship kits with smaller boards.

It takes 2 sheets of OSB to make up a queen or king deck.

The first thing to do with a queen or king is to mark and remove approximately 12 inches from each OSB board so it is 84" long.

These are the approximate widths of the two deck boards.

Queen 2 Pieces 30" wide
King 2 Pieces 36" wide

You may want to lay out the decking like I did in the Supersingle above and then mark where you want to cut these for the sides.

Here you can see the corner of an assembled frame. You can see the rabbet at the bottom edge of the side board.

The frame fits over the deck so that the side pieces trap the decking both horizontally and vertically inside the frame.

The waterbed mattress installation is after the frame is assembled.


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