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James C sent this recently

Finished this up a few days ago. Went with 2x12s for the pedestal to get a little more height and wall mounted 1x10s for the headboard. Everything is stained in an Espresso satin finish and went with black 3 piece railing. The lighting made for a challenging picture. Your plans worked great and I'm thrilled with the end result. Thanks again for your help!

Mark T. from Florida sent this in

Here is what I did with your plans.  I used 3/4" birch plywood glued together as you suggested.  It gave a more uniform appearance and took the stain very well.  

My original design didn't include a headboard but due to a math error (I'm lost if I can't use my fingers) I made a cutting mistake.  Instead of throwing the pieces away, something I was on my way to do when I had a revelation, voila... a padded headboard that matches the rails, a project that ate a good chunk of last weekend.  

Custom molding around the base added what I think is an elegant touch.  My only other idea is perhaps I'm going to add under-lighting in the form of rope lights around the pedestal and out of sight.

Thank you again for posting the plans and providing me with a couple of weeks of great fun out in my garage.  By the way, materials, supplies, mattress,heater, liner, etc. came to approximately $950, far less than what I would have spent on a new inner spring mattress which I desperately needed.

photo 1

Riser and Supports
Photo 2

Clamping two 3/4" hardwood plywood pieces
Notice dado was done by using different widths
Photo 3

Rails after Staining
Photo 4

Headboard is padded with foam and cloth and stapled on back
Riser is painted black

Photo 5

Mark's Finished Masterpiece w/5pc Rail Caps and Comforter
Photo 6


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